Your First Visit With Dr. Bastien

Naturopathic Medical care in Burnaby

The first visit will be roughly one hour and involve  questioning that will focus on your current and past health. We will look at the supplements and drugs that you take and discuss if they are a good fit for you, given your current health situation. If the concern is mainly physical then orthopedic testing will be done to discern the origin of the problem. We will look into any lab tests that have been done and see if more are needed. Finally we will look into what you eat and how you digest what you eat because good nutrition is a cornerstone to good health.

It is best to wear comfortable clothing that is not too restrictive so that it is easier to do any physical examination that may be necessary (gowns are available if needed). Try to avoid wearing strong scents as they can be irritants for those in the clinic with allergies and sensitivities.

To help people start on the path to better health it may be necessary to delve into all areas of wellbeing. Barriers to health can be physical, biochemical, genetic or emotional. Typically there is a combination of barriers to health and some may be corrected quickly while others may take longer. 

When Will You See Results?

The Speed Of Recovery

The short answer is that recovery time varies, but you should notice positive progress within a week or two. Generally the longer the condition has been going on, the longer it will take for the condition to resolve. Recovery time is affected by many factors including nutrition, emotional state, lifestyle, age and general health. Combining therapies will make recovery more rapid and get you back to your life faster.